We own and operate local quarries in Ukraine our quarries over a century old. In 1954 we acquired the UKR stone Company, making us the exclusive global supplier of UKR limestone. Investing in advanced cutting equipment means we can now produce ashlar cladding pieces. This allows natural limestone to be used as either a fully constructional element or a lightweight cladding material. Our expert sawing and cropping techniques (which include sawing on bed in heights of 65, 90, 115 and 140mm) make the natural stone easier to lay. It can therefore be used by normal bricklayers as well as specialist stonemasons.

On most of the world mining quarrying stone, including limestone, made a split of the rock mass in the vertical plane with the formation of horizontal and vertical ledges. This method is effective in limited areas on the area of the quarry, and some concrete damage surrounding ecosystem.

UKR Limestone deposits built on a different principle. Stone of the rock massif stone-cutting machines cut in two stages. Advanced ” cutting ” of the working ledge along the entire length to the required sizes of the blocks by cutting cross cuts the full height of the ledge. And the second – direct cutting blocks on your ledge stone – carved by slitting machines horizontal disk array and a vertical annular cutter construction carpenter. All stone cutting machines use the ring and disc cutters with carbide cutters. Environmentally friendly production method. And its features correspond to the category of ” Green Building “. It’s completely no harmful emissions and effluents into the surrounding ecosystem. On-site developed pits formed natural lakes where fish are bred. Natural water of these lakes has healing properties, and helps the body resist disease manmade …

To what do we owe our success?

Changes in technology – from mechanisation which began in the 1950s to the state of the art CNC saws we use today. This guarantees accuracy and consistency like never before. We’ve witnessed huge advances that have improved our processes. However, the careful finishing by hand of our skilled stonemasons will never be replaced. Good collaborations – we’ve established excellent ongoing relationships with everyone we supply. Consequently, architects, specifiers, housebuilders and conservation specialists in building, commercial and retail sectors frequently approach us first.

Excellent production facilities from a limestone quarry

Quarrying raw material and preparing it for commercial use takes great skill. It’s a blend of innovation with traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, we have invested in some of the most advanced cutting technology on the market. Our CNC machine interprets design data and cuts stone automatically, resulting in better efficiency, greater productivity and less waste. To boost our flooring range, we installed a fully automated UKR tile line – combined with our quarries, this means we have capacity to produce approximately 1000 m² of limestone tiles per week.

Make an impression with our elegant, custom limestone features.