Limestone is a sedimentary rock, which it is made up a whole variety of mineral grains, many of them being from tiny fossils and pieces of the skeletons of ancient sea creatures. This gives it a wonderfully intricate texture that makes it especially tactile.

In many parts of the world limestone turns up as a very popular architectural substance. Going back thousands of years we find it is the principle building material in the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. In Europe and America too its use has been widespread. On the island of Malta it is by far the most common naturally occurring mineral used in construction, and the city of Kingston in Canada is so full of limestone buildings that it earned the name ‘Limestone City’.

All through human history we find limestone pressed into the service of creating human shelter – in Medieval Europe, for example, it was relatively easy to get hold of, and its strength and durability made it ideal for use in building churches and castles. By the time of the 19th Century up until about a hundred years ago it was very often used in the Western World for banks, train stations and many other large public buildings.

Limestone is also a very popular material for sculptors as it lends itself easily to carving and shaping and weathers well.

In the domestic environment, limestone is great in the bathroom. It is resistant to humidity, comes in various colours and finishes, and although it’s important to seal it because of its porous nature, that very porousness can be an advantage because any stains can be reabsorbed and drawn out. You can opt for limestone flooring too. In high traffic areas like kitchens it needs to be properly sealed to protect it, but in other, quieter rooms it’s also a very attractive option.

Limestone walkways in your garden can make a stunning impact, with beguiling textures and beautiful colours. It can also be used for cladding walls, or for creating startlingly different looking garden walls. Because it is a quarried stone it’s very easy to customise the shape and size of stones, and it also means it offers probably the most consistent uniformity of colour and texture of all the materials you might use in such a setting.

With so many uses available to you we’d strongly recommend you to consider how it could real aesthetic benefit to your home. We can give you all the advice you need.

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